Putting Your Messages in the SpotlightMobile Billboard Advertising

At Posh Media, we redefine the art of advertising by bringing your messages directly to the people. With mobile billboard advertising, we make sure that your brand stands out in the crowd.

Posh Media's Mobile Billboard Advertising
At Posh Media, we use mobile billboard advertising to literally put your messages directly in front of people. We employ the use of a video truck (and our highly skilled team ofcreative brains) to spread your message. Our video truck is meant to be seen. The mobile digital billboard truck uses three large LED screens, which enable us to make amassive impression on densely populated urban markets. The bright, large, robust vehicle is perfect for use in major cities, Road Shows, or where big events are taking place.
Use of Video Trucks

Our innovative approach involves the use of video trucks equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Three Large LED Screens

These screens allow us to create a massive impression in densely populated urban markets.

Targeting Densely Populated Areas

Our bright and robust vehicles are ideal for major cities and events.

Perfect for Major Cities and Events

Whether you're in a bustling metropolis or hosting a grand event, we have the right solution.

Posh Media's Objective

Maximizing Visibility and Impact

  • Posh Media aims to ensure that your products and services are prominently displayed in front of your target customers.
  • Our large mobile video screens are designed to be attention-grabbing and unapologetically obvious, making a bold statement that turns heads.
  • We prioritize creating buzz around your offerings by leveraging the undeniable visual impact of our billboard trucks.

Targeted Reach and Mobility

  • We follow your customers and adapt to their locations and preferences.
  • Our video trucks are flexible and can be stationed in specific areas like Lusaka or be taken on campaigns across Zambia as per your requirements.
  • By tailoring our mobile advertising to your audience’s movements, we ensure that your message reaches them where they are most active.

Versatile Display Capabilities

  • Posh Media’s billboard truck advertising is versatile and can showcase various content formats, including photos, videos, and animations, in accordance with your campaign goals.
  • We empower you to bring your unique visual assets to the table and ensure they are effectively showcased to captivate your audience.
  • Our aim is to provide you with the flexibility to convey your message in the most compelling and engaging way.

In addition to these objectives, Posh Media offers further options by planning strategic routes that pass through high-traffic areas and parking the truck in locations where pedestrians are sure to see your advertisement.

This approach enhances the reach and exposure of your campaign to both drivers and pedestrians, amplifying the impact of your mobile advertising campaign.

Both still images and motion video can be displayed.

Our video trucks go where your voters live, work and plays.

Video trucks can either be parked in high-visibility locations or driven through high-traffic neighborhoods.

Video Trucks can be driven to any city and to any market, large or small, to bring your message where it needs to be.

Stunning, powerful and bright graphics will get your message noticed!

COSTING: Special Exclusive Hire per Day
Description 0-100km 100-300km 300-600km 600-800km 800km +
Hire of Advertising Truck (Full Hire, includes in-built speakers, fully electric for off-grid locations) K18,000 K21,000 K24,000 K27,000 K33,000
Police & Council Permits (Markets, Public Space Rental, + Clearance may vary according to municipality) K1,000 K1,000 K1,000 K1,000 K1,000
Fuels (Truck & Genset) K3,000 K6,000 K9,000 K12,000 K16,000
Grand Total K22,000 K28,000 K34,000 K40,000 K50,000
Monthly Shared Advertising Space K19,000 per month per ad spot (15 secs)
Minimum 480 Flightings per Day. 9600 plays per Month and Loops every 3 Minutes at full capacity.
Monthly shared space applies only within the Lusaka CBD. Clients who wish screen time out of Lusaka CBD must use Special Exclusive Hire Rate.
Monthly rate also has 10 blackout dates. These are reserved for Special Exclusive Hire. If there are no Exclusive hires in a particular month then the clients get the full 30 days. Clients will be notified when truck is out for exclusive hire.

Screen Dimensions
1.1. The screen dimensions are as follows:
- The main screens on both sides are 4.80 meters wide and 1.92 meters in height.
- The rear screen is 1.92 meters wide and 1.92 meters in height.

Acceptable Content Formats
2.1. Video content should be provided in MP4 and AVI formats.
2.2. Picture content should be in JPEG or PowerPoint formats.

Aspect Ratios
3.1. Videos and pictures must adhere to the following aspect ratios:
a. 480 pixels x 192 pixels for the large side screens.
b. 192 pixels x 192 pixels for the small rear screen.

Content Creation
4.1. Clients are responsible for creating their own content with the assistance of their graphic designers.
4.2. We recommend the use of vibrant colors for all content and can provide guidance upon request.

Confirmation and Payment
5.1. To secure your order, a 100% upfront payment is required as soon as possible.
5.2. For monthly shared plans, we accept Local Purchase Orders (LPO), and payments must be completed within 30 days of the order date.
5.3. The truck will not depart for special hire without an advance payment.
5.4. Signing the quotation implies agreement with and understanding of the Posh Media Terms & Conditions of hire.

Equipment Hire
6.1. All hired equipment remains the property of Posh Media Zambia.
6.2. Under no circumstances should the equipment be tampered with; Posh Media will handle all logistical matters.
6.3. Route plans for special truck hires must be provided and approved prior to confirmation.
6.4. Any changes or additions made to the route plan will result in additional logistical charges.
6.5. Special hires outside of the 7 am to 8 pm window will incur overtime charges of K2000 per hour.

7.1. Posh Media reserves the right to decline high-risk locations or make alterations to the route plan based on prevailing security factors.
7.2. In such situations, no refund will be issued, but alternate route plans and locations will be provided.
7.3. Route plans must be approved before commencement.
7.4. Current council-approved locations include:
- The island on Cairo Road opposite Central Park.
- The island before the Hybrid Turnoff on Great East Road.

8.1. The quoted price includes fuel and all logistics within the city of Lusaka, including rush-hour drive time if necessary.
8.2. The truck must remain stationary at agreed locations during downtime.
8.3. Special quotes are required for out-of-town assignments.

Contact Posh Media
Our team is here to answer your questions and discuss your advertising needs.

Mobile billboard advertising involves using video trucks with large LED screens to display your messages to a wide audience.

We operate in major cities and can take your campaign anywhere in Zambia to reach your target audience.

Absolutely, we can readily display your images, videos, animations, and more to convey your brand's message.

The duration of a campaign can vary based on your specific goals and budget. We offer flexible campaign lengths, so whether you need a short-term promotion or a longer-term brand building, we can accommodate your needs

Mobile billboard advertising is versatile and can benefit a wide range of businesses. It's particularly effective for promoting events, product launches, retail stores, local services, and brand awareness campaigns. Contact us to discuss how it can work for your unique business.

Yes, we have a team of creative professionals who can assist in designing your advertising content. Whether you have existing materials or need fresh ideas, we can work with you to create compelling visuals and messages that maximize the impact of your campaign.