Elevate Dreams: 2024 NC’wala Fundraising Gala Lights Up Mulungushi International Conference Centre!

The 2024 NC’wala Fundraising Celebration illuminated Mulungushi International Conference Centre, drawing major corporations from diverse sectors. Honored guests included Inyandezulu Inkosi Yamakhosi Mphezeni KaZwangendaba, the esteemed King of the Ngoni people, and Hon. Gary Nkombo, MP Minister of Local Government and Rural Development.

The spotlight shone on luminaries like Mr. Mwindwa Siakalima, CEO of Stanbic Bank, and other notable figures. Posh Media took center stage, showcasing their expertise with state-of-the-art 4K cameras for an unforgettable video telecast.

A night of unity, philanthropy, and cutting-edge technology—marking another milestone in the legacy of NC’wala Fundraising! #NCwala2024

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