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ICT Equipment
Welcome to Posh Media's ICT Equipment solutions, where we provide the technology essentials to ensure your events run smoothly and leave a lasting impact. Our state-of-the-art equipment is designed to enhance communication and efficiency.


Portable computing devices that are versatile, efficient, and highly mobile, suitable for a wide range of tasks.


Traditional computing workstations with ample power and capabilities for demanding applications.


Devices for producing hard copies of digital documents, available in various types such as laser, inkjet, and multifunction printers.


Equipment for displaying presentations and visuals on a larger screen, enhancing visual communication during events.

Posh Media offers services related to information display, processing, storage equipment, IT control and input devices, and office appliances. These services are designed to meet the evolving needs of ICT manufacturers.

LCD TV Screens

High-resolution flat-panel screens that provide sharp and clear visuals for a variety of applications, including presentations and information display.

Server Units

Powerful computing devices that provide data storage, processing, and networking capabilities essential for managing digital information.

Spider Phone

An advanced communication device that supports clear and efficient audio communication during conferences and meetings.

Video Conference Unit

Facilitates real-time video communication, enabling remote participants to join and engage in meetings and conferences.

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