Navigating Impact: MakeWay and Breakfree Excel in Outcome Harvesting Training

In a recent collaborative milestone, MakeWay and Breakfree successfully completed Outcome Harvesting training, guided by the FAWE Regional Secretariat. This focused effort aimed to enhance project implementation by defining key outcomes for lasting impact.

Key Highlights:

Facilitated by the FAWE Regional Secretariat, the joint training emphasized collaborative learning, showcasing both organizations’ commitment to continuous improvement. Outcome Harvesting took center stage, providing teams with valuable insights into defining and assessing crucial elements of success in project/program implementation.

The heart of the training was the collaborative effort to define key project outcomes, leveraging Outcome Harvesting principles for a nuanced understanding of impact.

Celebrating Success:
This successful collaboration marks a celebration of shared knowledge and commitment to positive impact. The use of hashtags like #Collaboration and #OutcomeHarvesting invites a broader audience to join the conversation.

Looking Forward:
As MakeWay and Breakfree integrate these insights, they’re poised for a more impactful and refined approach to project implementation. This collaboration exemplifies how organizations can come together, learn, and contribute to positive change.

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